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In Nigeria, the biggest party fail anyone could ever conjure is to host a family celebration without Asoebi. In fact, any occasion, be it wedding party, birthday, graduation, Christening, house-warming or Owambe, without Asoebi is dead. Partying without Asoebi is akin to committing social hara-kiri; the party isn’t worth the I.V it is printed on. The shame is enough to make you skip town because you’re sure to be ostracized for life. That's how seriously Nigerians take our Asoebi tradition.

All over the world, there are celebrations and there are Nigerian celebrations. To those unfamiliar with the term 'Owambe,' it's simply the definition the party made infamous by Nigerians for its characteristic ‘overdo’ in extravagance. From food, music, drinks, flamboyant dressing, psychedelic party venue, everything...

Saying Nigeria's in an economic twist at the moment is merely understating the obvious. We're not given to too many pleasures right now and the reason isn't far-fetched. We're in a recession and we've no inkling how long this one would last. To be fair, it's not like it's the end of the world, we're much tougher than we look on the surface but to be honest, with the daily rise in the cost of living, Nigerians’ finances are stretched far too thin right now. We certainly can't take more any longer.
As fantastic as the idea of attending the typical party in Nigeria aka Owambe sounds, things could get from really great to bust real quick because there are far too many snafus (usually beyond the celebrant or party planner's control) to ruin things. No thanks to the quality of social amenities like erratic power that we're dubiously blessed with in these parts, our parties can't be perfect anytime soon, so we might do just well fool proofing ourselves against the many snafus trying to yank the fun out of the party experience for us.