Top 5 Reasons Owambes Are the Absolute Best Parties in the World

All over the world, there are celebrations and there are Nigerian celebrations. To those unfamiliar with the term ‘Owambe,’ it’s simply the definition the party made infamous by Nigerians for its characteristic ‘overdo’ in extravagance. From food, music, drinks, flamboyant dressing, psychedelic party venue, everything has a tone of extravagance. Owambes are the cream of Nigerian parties, the conviviality is second to none with merriment so awesome it’s hard to match anywhere else.

Judging by the inflow of tasty treats, you won’t imagine Nigeria’s in a recession. So why then, in spite of the hard times, does the Owambe remain the most flamboyant party on the continent and arguably the best in the world?

  1. The best family reunions ever

Parties everywhere usually bring people together but that of Owambe’s at another level entirely. Most African parties/gatherings are more or less family reunions but Owambes stand out as fronts for showing off your latest success or acquisitions (you can imagine the healthy kind of rivalry that comes with that). It’s an opportunity to catch up with long-lost family without having to go the long distance of visiting them in their suburban or far-flung enclaves. You kill many birds with a stone by attending these gatherings and you won’t have to worry about getting sand on anyone’s rug either. Remember that uncle that didn’t like you in your teenage years? Now’s the time to show how grown you are and ‘tension’ him in your flowing Agbada.  There’ll be lots of smiles, even if they’re plastic and not at all genuine.

  1. The Aso-Ebi is king!

The pass of all passes at Nigerian celebrations. The moment you show up at an Owambe without Aso-Ebi, you have yourself to blame for all the shoddy treatment handed to you  right from the bouncer at the entrance to the servers at the tables. Aso-Ebi is nothing short of royalty at Owambes, showing up without one amounts to nothing but sacrilege! It’s the unique family identity that tells where you’re from or to whom you belong at the soiree. Coming with out one means you’re getting the smallest meat and servings of jollof rice. Nigerians live for their colourful Aso-Ebi no matter what. In how many countries in the world do you have a multi-million fashion magazine business built solely on party wear?

  1. The Food is excellent and in endless supply

The assortment of food on display is nothing but an embarrassment of riches, the sumptuous delicacies are just unreal. There’s a chance you’d taste everything (especially if you’re related to the celebrant), just ensure your tummy’s big enough to contain every dish coming your way. From the jollof rice to the pounded yam to the barbeques to the small chops to the ‘orisirisi’ meat (only Yoruba language can do justice to naming them; ponmo, shaki, roundabout, bokoto, ishan, fuku, abodi etc.) It appears the food comes from a conveyor belt of sorts, it just never ends. Good luck to the gluttonous.


  1. The music fanfare’s on point

What’s a party without music? If music fanfare’s your thing, then an Owambe’s your gig. They feature different kinds of music; from DJs to cultural groups to live bands and they are the absolute best performers too. And should the celebrant be well-heeled, then seeing an A-list artiste perform isn’t out of place. Tune upon tune gets reel out endlessly to the gyration of hips of various shapes and sizes (trust Naija women) And for the right amount, Owambe-goers could even share in the spotlight by greasing the palm of the party singer and his horde of praise-singers, who goes on and on naming his latest benefactor on the dance-floor.

  1. The much-anticipated money-spraying

If you thought the food was the biggest thing on offer at Nigerian celebrations, then you have, like we say in local parlance, been sleeping on the bicycle. You’ve been missing the whole point! The whole point of the party is the money-spraying. That really is the where Owambe really derived its famous name. Whatever currency you’re looking for, local or international, you’ll find during the money-spraying. Naira, Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Rands, you name it. You’ll find them at Owambes in huge amounts, the whole dance-floor is covered in all types of currency denominations while the celebrants dance without missing a beat. This is what people primed their camera lenses for, the money rain. They even do it with a ‘money gun’ these days, shooting money into the air and watching crisp notes fall like confetti. Don’t even worry if you lack mint notes, that’s what money-changers exist for at Owambes.


No other part of the world parties like Nigerians, if in doubt, just grab your Aso-Ebi and go to an Owambe. A trial would convince the tourist or foreigner. Did we leave anything out? Do share with us…

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